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Together we can travel toward a new beginning.


Marriage Counseling

Marriage is born of a sacred vow. I use the word sacred not in religious sense but to say that marriage vows are to be valued and highly venerated.  There are many situations that can affect a marriage in our normal life cycle, including children, finances, jobs and academics. These events can take you through highs and lows; however when there are more lows than highs, or you feel the need to learn how to communicate more effectively.  I can provide that safe place.

There may occur a situation when a vow is broken and trust is vulnerable. You can either retreat back into your cocoon where you may feel safer although you are alone and in the darkness. However, you can chose to take a brave step forward and work on strengthening your intimacy.

There are times in marriage when a vow is not broken but a partner may wake up one day feeling lonely within the marriage. This is a feeling I liken to waking up in the middle of a cold night, slowing realizing your partner has stolen the blankets. We can work together to rekindle the warmth and love you once felt. Together we can put your paths back on track and journey towards the goals you once had or discover new ones that may surprise you.

You need not come from a traditional marriage to consider this type of counseling. If you and your partner feel you need to have a safe place to talk, share, and improve your intimacy, you are welcomed here.







Together we can begin the journey toward a
new beginning.

Copyright 2010, Patricia Carrillo Barnes, LPC, LMFT