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Together we can travel toward a new beginning.


Family Counseling

All of us have different concepts of family. However, no matter how we look at it, in the end the family is meant to be a place where we can experience love, acceptance, disagreement, trust, and the belief that all of us are one. In other words, we are there for one another no matter what.

While this might be the ideal family, we sometimes feel our family is a "battle zone" that we would rather escape from than enbrace,

If you and your family is willing to do the work that it takes, I know that together we can make things right. You change your family just like butterflies change from tiny eggs into beautiful works of art. They suffer in the process, but in the end they come out of the experience better than before.

I am just a phone call away and with my many years in marriage and famiily counseling, I know I can help. Want to give it a try?






family counseling

What can each member of our family do to make our family a safer and happier place?
Copright 2010, Patricia Carrillo Barnes, LPC, LMFT