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Together we can travel toward a new beginning.



Children are given to us for many reasons:

  • they help us learn to show love

  • they help us to learn compassion

  • they make us laugh

  • they teach us how to forgive

  • they remind us of what it is like to delight in the small and tiny wonders of the world (a thing that we, as adults, often forget).

As all of us know children are not perfect. However, part of our job, as parents, is to help them grow to be happy, productive, valued members of society, while at the same time, allowing them to be their unique selves

Being the practical person that I am, I know that it is not easy to raise children. Some children are born with chemical imbalances, others are born with genetic predispositions to mental health issues. Other times, it is hard for mental health professionals to agree on a diagnosis and parents end up confused and frustrated. If your child is having a hard time at home, at school or socially, I will work with you, your child, and any other professional to try to teach skills and alleviate the stress.

My contact information is 210-545-3344. Feel free to call. I want to make a difference.






Children need all of the love and compassion that we can show so that they, in turn, can give that same compassion to their children as well as the others around them.
Copright 2010, Patricia Carrillo Barnes, MS, LPC, LMFT