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Together we can travel toward a new beginning.



Life was never meant to be a constant source of worry. Yet, some of us are "blessed" with the gift of constant and extreme worry. Sometimes, this "gift is so severe, that it hinders our ability to relate to people and perform daily duties: such as going to school, or shopping, driving, or even working.

Some people may tell you that it is "just in your head" but rest assured, I know that it is real and how much pain it can cause.

I have had a lot of experience with people, like yourselves, who suffer from the different forms of anxiety.

If you are willing to go the distance with me we will have you flying free as a butterfly in no time.

I do have to warn you that while the anxiety itself may never totally go away, you will have a skill set that will allow you to manage it better and even recognize signs that might stir it up.







Serenity, the answer we have all been searching for.
Copyright 2010, Patricia Carrillo Barnes, LPC, LMFT